Services & Prices «Winter 2021-2022»

Using the lift

40 UAH

Day pass for lift

700 UAH

Ski equipment rental

250 UAH/day

Snowboard rental

250 UAH/day

Sled rental

150 UAH/day

Rules for using the ski lift and behavior on ski slopes

A skier or snowboarder must be well aware of these Rules, respect them and follow them. If he fails to do so, his conduct in the event of an accident may be considered a violation of civil and criminal law.

  1. Landing at the lower station is carried out under the supervision of service personnel.
  2. The trajectory during towing must be straight.
  3. The speed of descent and maneuvers on the track must correspond to the physical and technical training of the skier or snowboarder.
  4. It is forbidden to use a long dangling scarf, belt or other objects that may catch on the rope or tow.
  5. It is forbidden to cross the route under the tow lift during the descent.
  6. It is forbidden to cut skiers and snowboarders.
  7. It is forbidden to go sledding on the ski slope.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs on the tracks.

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